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About Us...

Objectives of the Trust

             The Objectives and goals of the Trust are to: 


  • Hold the land known as “Lumb Brook Millennium Green” for the benefit of people who live or work on Cobbs Estate.

  • Maintain the land as a natural green, open “breathing space” for the benefit of the community.

  • Create and manage a trust fund and use the income from this to maintain the Millennium Green as open space.

  • Maintain and improve the Lumb Brook Millennium Green to make it accessible to all.

The Lumb Brook Millennium Green 

is an open space of 13.2 acres (5.346 hects) with 1.5km of pathway. The Lumb Brook Millennium Green is designed to be and stay forever as a natural open space for the benefit of the inhabitants of Cobb's Estate, whilst also being open to the wider community.


It was created in 2000  as a "Millennium Greens" project, an initiative of the Countryside Agency (now Natural England) and funded by The Millennium Commission.  (The Millennium Commission was wound up on 30th November 2006).

The Lumb Brook Millennium Green Limited

is a not for profit company managed by a group of local volunteers the purpose of which is the management of The "Lumb Brook Millennium Green" for the benefit of the inhabitants of Cobb's Estate Appleton, and it's object is to undertake and perform the duties of the Trustee of The Lumb Brook Millennium Green Trust persuant to the trust deed made in 1999.

Directors:  Julie Kueres, Nick Antrobus,  Valerie Davies.


The management team welcome help from everyone. You can apply to join us as a Director or you could join us as a volunteer to help with maintenance activities, organised events and fundraising.


History of the Lumb Brook Millennium Green 


The Lumb Brook Millennium Green is managed by a group of local volunteers for the benefit of the of the inhabitants of Cobbs Estate. It is to be kept forever as 'natural open space' for enjoyment of nature and as a haven for wildlife. To be used for informal and community recreation and to be enjoyed by the inhabitants of Cobbs Estate and also be open to the wider community.  


Grant funding from the Countryside Agency under the Millennium Greens Project (an initiative of the Millennium Commission)  WREN and the Forestry Commission was secured in 2000 with the money used for public consultation, design of the Green,  footpath installation and to plant thousands of new trees.   It was opened to the public in 2000 and has become established as a much loved destination by local people.  


The Green forms an important part of the Lumb Brook Valley, serving to link Stockton Heath and Appleton with the woodlands at Fords Rough, Pewterspear woods and the Dingle and the extensive footpath network beyond.   These can include short walks through to Stretton, Pewterspear and Appleton Thorn or longer connections to the Bridgewater Canal, the Trans Pennine Trail or the Mersey Valley Timberland Trail.


- 1942 – Development of Cobbs Estate commences


- 1968 – Warrington designated as a New Town.  Warrington New Town Development Corporation created


- 1973 – Land Acquisition across Appleton and Pewterspear by the Development Corporation


- 1989 – Demise of the Warrington Development Corporation.  Commission for New Towns (CNT) take over all responsibilities


- 1998 – A group of local residents set up a Steering Committee to lobby for the creation of a Millennium Green for the residents of Cobbs Estate.  A petition for support was started and names were collected door to door, in 'Jeans' local grocery shop on Bridge lane and in the local schools. Father Brown and the Bridgewater Churches declared their support and endorsed the project  An application was then submitted to the Countryside Agency for funding to be included on the countrywide Millennium Greens project. The application was successful.  

The Commission for New Town was finally persuaded to transfer ownership of 13.2 acres of land alongside Lumb Brook.

Initially the Countryside Agency granted funding to develop a Site Preparation Plan and the Steering Committee employed The Mersey Valley Partnership to host community design workshops. These workshops were held at the Rugby Club on Bridge Lane and in the local schools and enabled local residents and schoolchildren to design their own Millennium Green.

TEP kindly offered to convert the the local inhabitants plan into a professional format and the full Site Preparation Plan was submitted to the CA in April 1999 and full funding for the establishment of the Green followed in June 1999.


- 1999 – Lumb Brook Millennium Green Trust established Nov 1999 and registered as a Charity in Dec 1999


- 2000 - Land adjacent to Lumb Brook Road legally transferred to the Lumb Brook community Trust by English Partnerships (formally known as CNT)


- 2001 – Tree Planting and path creation commences following community consultation.   Main contract tendered May 2001 with work starting on site in July 2001 undertaken by Roots and Shoots.  Final account settled in Nov 2002 after 12 months maintenance / defects. The scheme also benefitted from a Woodland Grant from the Forestry Commission  signed in June 2001.

Funding was also given by WREN. EP and WBC jointly paid for a new foot bridge over Lumb Brook to provide better access.

The Garfield Weston Foundation provided funding for the granite monument.  


- 2010 - Lumb Brook Millennium Green became a limited company to allow more people to become part of the management team  

- 2012 – Lumb Brook Millennium Green was successful in gaining its first Green Flag Community Award

- 2015 - Lumb Book Millennium Green makes a sucessful application for funding from 'Neighbourhoods in Warrington' and an outdoor classroom / picnic area is installed on the green. The tables / benches were made by workers from The Walton Lea Project Team.

- 2016 - Lumb Brook Millennium Green continues to be sucessful in retaining the Green Flag Community Award for yet another year.